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Development Path
  • 2020

    The company has always been adhering to the corporate philosophy of "Investment, Harmony, Passion, Excellence", deeply cultivated respiratory medical equipment, always stands at the forefront of respiratory system research and development technology, and is a leader in the global respiratory drug delivery segment.
  • 2018

    Facing fierce market competition, the company constantly improves and strengthens itself, and insists on “innovation The business strategy of "new, invigorating, seeking characteristics, and branding", follow the road of characteristic management, win customers with good reputation and high-quality products, and occupy the market.
  • 2015

    The company will set up a national-level respiratory system research center, and cooperate with the China Asthma Alliance to build a world-class respiratory medical device research and development base to develop practical, cost-effective, and clinically necessary medical devices.
  • 2011

    The company has a 100,000-level clean production workshop of more than 20,000 square meters, which is fully operated in accordance with GMP requirements, and is equipped with personnel and material purification facilities; the dust-producing room is designed with full exhaust air to avoid cross-contamination. The company has passed the ISO 13485 quality system certification, and strictly implements the relevant standard operating procedures and management procedures during the production process to ensure that each product meets the quality standards.
  • 2007

    The company has 29 intellectual property rights, including 3 invention patents and 11 software copyrights.There are 11 new patents and 4 design patents. Owns 3 national registered trademarks, medical device note 4 registration certificates.
  • 2009

    The products have been exported to 65 countries and regions including Australia, New Zealand, UK, India, Pakistan and Ireland and have formed strategic partnerships with 122 overseas agents, and the number of users has exceeded 6 million.
  • 2006

    The company established Taian Continental Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2006

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