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Company Profle

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Taian Dalu Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. located at the foot of the famous mountain Tai, was established in 2010; Taian Character Polymer Co., Ltd. is its previous company name, which was established in March 2006, which is committed to the production and development of medication-assisted inhaling device for treatment of COPD and asthma. The main products include Metered  Dose Inhalers Actuators,Spacer for Aerosol, Dry Powder Inhalers, Disposable Nebulizers, Feak Flow Meters and some other respiratory therapy medical devices, so as to help patients with respiratory diseases.

Our factory covers an area of 40000 square meters, 3 big workshops and a four floors office building. Factory has one clean workshop for class 2 medical device manufacturing, one lab research center and one class 1 medical device manufacturing workshop. We also have our own molding department, all the molds can be made and maintained ourselves.

Business philosophy: Take user as the center, take client-as transferring, take system as development basis, and take scientific as promotion traction

Core value: devoted, cooperative, passionate, splendid

Quality policy: product user foremost, client foremost, product quality dominated, Ingenious, pursue perfect

Quality objective: product quality pass rate achieves 100%, complaint rate controlled within one hundred thousandth; all behaviors comply with regulatory requirements

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